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PACK, v. t. to plot, to shuffle cards unfairly; sub. a
PACKING, sub. plotting
PADDOCK, sub. a toad; a familiar spirit like a toad
PAID, pt. p. perhaps drunk
PAINFUL, adj. laborious
PAINTED CLOTH, cloth or canvas hangings, painted
with figures and sentences
PAJOCK, sub. some term of contempt, explained
'peacock,' which is doubtful
'Some in Leinster and Ulster are ... grown
to be as very patchcockes as the wild Irish.'
Spenser, 'A View of the State of Ireland.'
Grosart, vol. ix. p. 104, ed. 1882.
PALABRAS, sub. words [Span.]; 'paucas pallabris'
(Sly)=pocos palabras [Span.], few words
PALED, adj. pale
PALL, v. t. to wrap one's self up
PALLIAMENT, sub. a robe
PALMY, adj. victorious
PANTALOON, sub. an old fool, taken from the
Italian comedy
PANTLER, sub. a servant in charge of the pantry
PARITOR, sub. apparitor, an officer in the bishop's
PARLOUS, adj. a vulgar corruption of perilous=
mischievous, alarming
PARMACETI, sub. spermaceti
PART, v. t. to quit, to leave
PARTED, pt. p gifted
PARTIAL, adj. 'a partial slander '=the reproach
of partiality
PARTI-COATED, adj. having a coat of various
PARTLET, sub. the name for the hen in Reynard
the Fox, so called from her ruff
PASH, sub. the head; v. t. to beat; part. adj
PASS, v. i. to die; v. t. to care for, regard; to exceed
bounds; to pass sentence on; sub. 'pass of pate '=sally
of wit
PASSADO, sub. a term in fencing
PASSES, sub. proceedings
PASSY-MEASURE, sub. a corruption of the Italian
passa mezzo, a slow and stately dance
PATCH, sub. a fool
PATCHERY, sub. roguery
PATH, v. i. to walk
PATINES, sub. metal plates
PAUNCH, v. t. rip up
PAVIN, sub. a stately dance.
PAX, sub. a small piece of metal offered to be
kissed; but Pistol probably meant 'pix,' a box
which held the Host
PEACH, v. t. to accuse, turn king's evidence
PEACHES, v. t. betrays
PEAK, v. i. to grow thin; to mope
PEAKING, adj. sneaking
PEARL, sub. a cataract in the eye
PEARL, sub. 'kingdom's pearl'=fine youth, or per-
haps choice nobility of the country
PEAT, sub. a pet, a darling
PECULIAR, adj. preserved, guarded
PEDANT, sub. a schoolmaster
PEELED part. adj. shaven
PEER, v. i. to appear
PEEVISH, adj. silly, foolish
PEG, v. t. to wedge
PEGS, sub. the pins of an instrument
PEISE, v. t. to make heavy and so retard; to poise,
balance [peized]; 'peise down'=to weigh down
PELT, v. i. to chafe with anger
PELTING, adj paltry
PENDULOUS, adj. impending
PENETRATIVE, adj. affecting the heart
PENSIONER, sub. gentleman pensioner, gentle-
men in the personal service of the sovereigno.
PENSIVED, adj. pensive
PENT-HOUSE, sub. a shed standing aslope from
the main building; fig. the eyelid
PERDU, sub. a soldier sent on a forlorn hope
PERFECT, pt. p. fully satisfied; adj. certain
PERIAPTS, sub. amulets
PERKED UP, dressed up, adorned
PERNICIOUSLY, adv. excessively or else mali-
PERPEND, v. i. to reflect, consider
PERSPECTIVELY, adv. as through a perspective,
PERSPECTIVES, sub. glasses cut so as to form an
optical delusion
PERT, adj. lively
PERTTAUNT-LIKE, a word not yet explained
PETAR, sub. an engine charged with powder to
blow up gates
PETTISH, adj. capricious
PETTITOES, sub. feet, properly, pigs' feet
FEW, sub. a seat
PEW-FELLOW, sub. companion
PHANTASIME, sub. a fantastical person
PHANTASMA, sub. a vision
PHILIP AND JACOB, first of May, festival of St.
Philip and St. James
PHRASELESS, adj. indescribable
PHYSIC, v. t. to heal, to keep in health
PHYSICAL, adj. wholesome
PIA MATER, the membrane that covers the brain,
the brain itself
PICK [O. Ed. PECK], v. t. to pitch
PICKED, adj. refined, punctilious
PICK-THANKS, sub. officious fellows
PIECE, sub. excellent person; a vessel of wine; a coin
; a work of art, a statue
PIGHT, pt. p. pitched, ready
PILCHER, sub. a scabbard
PILL, v. t. to plunder
PIN, sub. bull's-eye, centre of a target; 'a pin!' in
contempt, in answer to an excuse or evasion
PIN AND WEB, sub. a disease of the eye
PIN-BUTOCK, sub. narrow buttock
PINFOLD, sub. the pound, Two Gent
PINKED, part. adj. pierced with small holes
PINK EYNE, small, or perhaps winking, half-shut
PIONED, p. p. a doubtful word, 'covered with marsh
marigold,' or ' dug,'
PIP, sub. a spot on cards; 'a pip out'=intoxicated,
with reference to a game called ' one-and-thirty,'
PIPE-WINE, sub. wine from the butt, playing on
the other meaning of pipe
PITCH, sub. the height which a falcon soars
PLACKET, sub. opening in a petticoat, or a
PLAIN, adj. mere, nothing else but; v. i. to complain
PLAIN-SONG, sub. the plain melody without varia-
PLAITS, sub. folds
PLANCHED, adj. made of planks
PLANT, sub. the sole of the foot
PLANTAGE, sub. plants vegetation
PLASH, sub. a pool
PLATE, sub. a piece of money
PLATFORMS, sub. plans, schemes
PLAUSIBLY, adv. willingly, or by acclamation
PLAUSIVE, adj. pleasing
PLEACHED, adj. folded, interwoven
PLIGHTED, pt. p. folded, intricate
PLUME UP, v. t. prank up, to make to triumph
PLURISY, sub. superabundance
POINT, sub. a signal given by blast of trumpet
POINT, AT, on the point
POINT, AT A, fully prepared
POINT-DEVISE, adj. affectedly nice, finical
POINTS, sub. tags of laces
POKING-STICKS, sub. irons for setting out raffia
POLACK, sub. a native of Poland
POLE, sub. standard
POLLED, pt. p. laid bare
POMANDER, sub. a ball of perfumes
POMEGARNET, sub. pomegranate, name of a room
in a tavern
POME-WATER, sub. a large kind of apple
Poop, v. t. to strike fatally
POOR-JOHN, sub. salted and dried hake
POPERIN, sub. a sort of pear from Poperingue,
a town in French Flanders
POPINJAY, sub. a parrot
POPISH, adj. bigoted
POPULAR, adj. vulgar
POPULARITY, sub. vulgarity
PORING, pr. p. 'poring dark'=darkness which
makes one strain his eyes
PORPENTINE, sub. the porcupine
PORTAGE, sub. port-hole
POSY, sub. motto
POT, TO THE, sub. to sure destruction
POTATO, sub. regarded as an exciting dish
POTCH, v. i. to thrust, Coriol. i. 10.15.
POTHER, sub. turmoil
POTTLE-POT, sub. a tankard containing two quarts
POULTER, sub. a poulterer, i Hen. IV. ii. 4. 487.
POUNCET-BOX, sub. a perfume box with perforated
lid [Fr. poinsonner]
POWDER, v. t. to salt
POWDERING-TUB, sub. a salting tub, referring to a
favourite medical treatment of the time
PRACTICE, sub. treachery, artifice
PRACTISANTS, sub. performers of a stratagem
PRACTISE, v. t. to plot
PRAISE, v. t. to appraise, value
PRECEDENT, sub. rough draft
PRECEPTIAL, adj. instructive
PREGNANCY, adj. ready wit
PREGNANT, adj. ready, clever, ingenious; very probable
PRESENCE, sub. the presence chamber
PREST, adj. ready
PRESTER JOHN, sub. a fabulous eastern monarch
PRETENCE, sub. design
PRETEND, v. t. to assert
PRICK, sub. point of a dial, Lucrece; the bull's-eye in a
PRICKET, sub. a buck of the second year
PRICK-SONG, sub. music written down, in oppo-
sition to plain-song
PRIG, sub. a thief
PRIMAL, adj. first
PRIME, adj. the spring
PRIMERO, sub. a game at cards
PRIMY, adj. early, or perhaps flourishing
PRINCIPALS, sub. the corner beams of a house
PRINCOX, sub. a pert, saucy fellow
PRISER, sub. perhaps prize-fighter
PRIZE, sub. value, estimation
PRIZED, pt. p. estimated
PROBAL, adj. satisfactory, reasonable
PROBATION, sub. proof; trial
PRODITOR, sub. a traitor
PROFACE, interj. much good may it do you!—-
an expression addressed to guests by their
PROLIXIOUS, adj. tedious, causing delay
PROPEND, v. i. to incline
PROPENSION, sub. inclination
PROPER, adj. handsome; peculiar to one's self
; own; 'proper-false,' handsome, but deceitful
PROPERTIED, pt. p. endued with qualities
PROPERTIES, sub. stage requisites
PROPERTY, v. t. to make a tool of; sub. an instrument
for one's designs, a tool
PROPOSE, v. t. to speak, to converse
PROPUGNATION, sub. means of opposition, defence
PUGGISH, adj. thievish,
PUISNY, adj. unskilful
POKE-STOCKING, adj. puke, dark-coloured, per-
haps puce
PUN, v. t. to pound, to beat
PUNTO, sub. a stroke in fencing
PUNTO REVERSO, sub. a back-handed stroke in
PURL, v. i. to curl, to run in circles
PURPLES LONG, the purple orchis [orchis mas-
PUSH, sub. an expression of contempt
PUSH-PIN, sub. a childish game
PUT ON, to instigate
PUT OVER, to refer
PUTTOCK, sub. a kite
PUZZEL, sub. a foul drab
PYRAMIDES, sub. pyramids
PYRAMIS, sub. a pyramid
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