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William Shakespeare Bibliography details the most universally accepted Shakespeare bibliography of the playwright's works. Since there is very little anecdotal evidence and documentation regarding Shakespeare's early plays, all Shakespeare bibliographies are by their nature inexact affairs.

Presented here is the most accurate account possible based on all available evidence, records and anecdotes. Where there is confusion, dates and venues are described as estimates.

1589 (estimated) The Two Gentlemen of Verona. (Theatre unknown)

1589 (estimated) The Comedy of Errors. (Theatre unknown)

I590-1595 (estimated) King John. (Theatre unknown)

1590 (estimated) Henry VI, Part One. (The Rose Theatre in London)

1591 (estimated)Titus Andronicus. (Possibly the Rose Theatre)

1592 Henry VI, Part Two. (Theatre unknown)

1592-1593 (Estimated) Henry VI, Part Three. (Theatre unknown)

1593 (Estimated) The Taming of the Shrew. (Theatre unknown)

1593 (Estimated) Richard III. (Theatre unknown)

1594 (Estimated) Love’s Labour’s Lost. (Theatre unknown)

1594 (Estimated) Romeo and Juliet. (Theatre unknown)

1595 (Estimated) A Midsummer-Night’s Dream. (Theatre unknown)

1595 Richard II. (Theatre unknown)

1596 The Merchant of Venice. (Theatre unknown)

1596 Henry IV, Part One. (Theatre unknown)

1597 The Merry Wives of Windsor. (The Curtain in London)

1597 Henry IV, Part Two. (The Curtain)

1598 Much Ado About Nothing. (The Curtain)

1599 Henry V. (Either the Globe or the Curtain.)

1599 As You Like It. (The Globe)

1599 Julius Caesar. (The Globe)

1600 (Estimated) Troilus and Cressida. (The Globe)

1600 Hamlet. (The Globe)

1601 Twelfth Night Or What You Will. (The Globe)

1602 (Estimated) All’s Well That Ends Well. (The Globe)

1603 (Estimated) Othello. (The Globe)

1603 Measure for Measure. (The Globe)

1604 (Estimated)Timon of Athens.(The Globe)

1605 King Lear. (The Globe)

1606 Macbeth. (The Globe)

1607 Pericles. (The Globe)

1608 Coriolanus. (The Globe)

1608 Antony and Cleopatra. (The Globe)

1609 Cymbeline. (The Globe)

1609 The Winter’s Tale. (The Globe)

1610 The Tempest. (Likely to have been performed at Blackfriars Theatre in London)

1611 (estimated) The Two Noble Kinsmen. (Blackfriars or the Globe)

1612 (estimated) Cardenio (A play lost to us in it’s written form), (The Globe or Blackfriars)

1613 Henry VIII. (Performed at the Globe)

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