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BABY, sub. a doll
BACKARE, int. go back!
BACKSWORDMAN, sub. a singlestick player
BACK-TRICK, sub. a caper backwards in dancing
BAFFLE, v. i. to disgrace
BALDRICK, sub. a belt
BALE, sub. evil, mischief
BALK, v. t. to balk logic—to dispute, chop logic
BALKED, pt. p. heaped up in balks or ridges
BALLOW, sub. a cudgel
BAN-DOGS, sub. fierce dogs, which are kept tied
BANDY, v. t. to fight, contend; a metaphor taken
from striking the balls at tennis
BANK, v. t. to land on the banks of
BANQUET, sub. dessert
BARBASON, sub. the name of a fiend
BARBED, pt. p. armed; spoken of a horse
BARB, v. t. to shave
BARFUL, adj, full of difficulties
BARM, sub. yeast
BASE, sub. a rustic game; To bid
a base '=to challenge in the game
BASE COURT, sub. a back yard, the lower court
in a castle [Fr. basse-cour]
BASES, sub. housings worn by knights on horse-
BASILISCO-LIKE, adj. Basilisco, a character in the
old play of Soliman and Perseda, indulges in
iteration as in the text
BASILISK, sub. a large cannon
BASTA, int. enough! [Ital.]
BASTARD, sub. a sweet Spanish wine
BATE, v. i. to flutter as a hawk
BATED, pt. p. abated, sunk
BATELESS, adj. which cannot be blunted
BAT-FOWLING, pr. p. fowling at night by means of
a net with torches and poles
BATLER, sub. a flat piece of wood, with which
washerwomen beat linen
BATTEN, v. t. to feed coarsely
BATTLE, sub. an army, or division of an army
BAUBLE, sub. a fool's staff
BAVIN, adj. composed of dry waste brushwood,
used in contempt
BAWBLING, adj. insignificant
BAWCOCK, sub. a term of rude endearment [Fr.
beau coq]
BARN, sub. a child
BAY, sub. the space between the main timbers of
a roof in a building,
BEADSMAN, sub. one paid to say prayers for
BEAR A BRAIN, to be intelligent
BEAR HARD, to dislike
BEARING-CLOTH, sub. the cloth in which a child
was carried to be christened
BEAR IN HAND, to deceive
BEAST, sub. an ox
BEAVER, sub. that part of a helmet which covers
the face
BEDLAM, sub. a lunatic; adj. mad
BEING, adv. when
BEHESTS, sub. commands
BE-LEED, pt.p. forced to lee of the wind
BERGOMASK, sub. a dance after the manner of the
peasants of Bergamasco, a country in Italy,
belonging to the Venetians
BESHREW, v. t. to curse (not used seriously)
BESLUBBER, v. t. to besmear
BESMIRCH, v. t. to besmear
BESTRAUGHT, adj. mad, distracted
BETEEM, v. t. to allow, grant; with a play on the
meaning, to pour out
BEWRAY, v. t. to discover, to reveal
BEZONIAN, sub. a base fellow [Ital. bisognoso]
BIDDY! a call to allure chickens
BIGGIN, sub. a nightcap [Fr. beguin]
BILBO, sub. a sword-blade of great flexibility,
manufactured at Bilboa
BILBOES, sub. a species of fetters used at sea
BILL, sub. brown-bills=battle-axes painted brown
BIRD, sub. the young of any bird
BIRD-BOLT, sub. a blunt-headed arrow
BIRTH-CHILD, sub. a child adopted on account of
being born in a certain domain
BISSON, adj. blear-eyed, dim-sighted; 'bisson
rheum'=blinding tears
BLACKS, sub. mourning clothes, suits of mourn-
BLADED,pt.p. (1) adorned with blades, or (2) in
the blade
BLANK, sub. the white mark in centre of a target
[Fr. blanc]; the aim; v. t. to blanch, to make pale.
BLANKS, sub. blank charters sealed by the king,
to be filled up at pleasure
BLENCH, v. i. to start, flinch; tobe inconstant
BLENCHES, sub. inconstancies
BLENT, pt. p. blended, mixed
BLISTERED, adj. garnished with puffs
BLOCK, sub. the wood on which a hat is made; the
fashion of a hat
BLOOD, sub. a spirited young man
BLOOD-BOLTERED, adj. clotted with blood
BLOOD, WORST IN, in worst condition
BLOWSE, sub. a coarse beauty
BLUE-BOTTLE, adj. an allusion to the blue dress
of a beadle.
BLUE-EYED, adj. with a dark circle round the eye;
BLURTED AT, pt.p. sneered at; v. t. to beat, to drub
; to cheat; sub. a cutting remark
BODKIN, sub. a dagger
BOGGLE, v. i. to hesitate
BOLINS, sub. bowlines
BOLLEN, adj. swollen
BOLT, v. t. to sift
BOLTER, sub. a sieve
BOMBARD, sub. a leathern drinking vessel
BOMBAST, sub. cotton padding; ' bombast
circumstance '=inflated talk,
BONA-ROBA, sub. a showily dressed woman of light
BOSKY, adj. woody
BOTTOM, v. t. to wind thread on
BOUND, v. t. to make to leap,
BOURN, sub. a limit or boundary; a stream
BOW, sub. a yoke
BOWGET, sub. a leathern pouch
BRABBLE, sub. quarrel
BRACE, sub. armour for the arm;state of defence
BRACH, sub. a female hound
BRAID, adj. deceitful; v. t. to upbraid
BRAIN-PAN, sub. the skull
BRAVE, adj. fine, beautiful; v. t. to make fine
BRAVERY, sub. finery; bravado
BRAWL, sub. a French dance
BREACH, sub.'breach of the sea'=the surf
BREAST, sub. voice in singing
BREATH, sub. voice in singing
BREESE, sub. the gadfly
BRIBED BUCK, perhaps stolen buck, perhaps buck
given away in presents,
BRIEF, sub. a short summary; a short account; a
letter; a list
BROACH, v. t. to pierce through, or transfix
BROCK, sub. a badger (term of reproach)
BROGUES, sub. shoes made of untanned hide
BROOCH, v. t. to adorn
BUBUKLES, sub. pimples
BUCK, v. t. to wash linen with lye, and afterwards
beat it
BUCKLERSBURY, sub. a street in London chiefly
inhabited by druggists
BUCK OF THE FIRST HEAD, one in its fifth year
BUG, sub. an object of terror
BUGLE, sub. a black bead
BULK, sub. projecting part of a building; the breast, the trunk,
BULLY-ROOK, sub. a swaggering cheater
BUNG, sub. a pickpocket
BURGONET, sub. a close-fitting helmet
BUSH, sub. advertisement (a bush of ivy was
usually the vintner's sign)
BUSKY, adv. woody
BUSS, sub. a kiss; v. t. to kiss
BUTTONS, sub. buds
BUTTONS, IN HIS, within his power to succeed in it
BY-DRINKINGS, sub. occasional drinkings
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