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Antony and Cleopatra

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Act IV. Scene III.

Scene III.—The Same. Before the Palace.

Enter two Soldiers to their guard.

First Sold. Brother, good night; to-morrow
is the day.
Sec. Sold. It will determine one way; fare
you well.
Heard you of nothing strange about the
First Sold. Nothing. What news?
Sec. Sold. Belike, 'tis but a rumour. Good
night to you.
First Sold. Well, sir, good night.

Enter two other Soldiers.
Sec. Sold. Soldiers, have careful watch.
Third Sold. And you. Good night, good night.
[The first two place themselves at
their posts.
Fourth Sold. Here we:
[They take their posts.
And if to-morrow
Our navy thrive, I have an absolute hope
Our landmen will stand up.
Third Sold. 'Tis a brave army,
And full of purpose.
[Music of hautboys under the stage.
Fourth Sold. Peace! what noise?
First Sold. List, list?
Sec. Sold. Hark!
First Sold. Music i' the air.
Third Sold. Under the earth.
Fourth Sold. It signs well, does it not?
Third Sold. No.
First Sold. Peace, I say!
What should this mean?
Sec. Sold. 'Tis the god Hercules, whom An-
tony lov'd,
Now leaves him.
First Sold. Walk; let's see if other watch-
Do hear what we do.
[They advance to another post.
Sec. Sold. How now, masters!
Soldiers. How now!—
How now!—do you hear this?
First Sold. Ay; is't not strange?
Third Sold. Do you hear, masters? do you
First Sold. Follow the noise so far as we
have quarter;
Let's see how't will give off.
Soldiers. [Speaking together.] Content.—'Tis
strange. [Exeunt.
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